10 Double door designs

Double doors are basically doors that have two major panels that slide, fold or open out. 

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They are usually used because they offer a wider entrance or at busy entrances and exits. They offer a larger doorway or passage hence preferred in areas such as hospitals, airports, entrances to busy institutions, shopping centres and even in homes.

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The double doors are made of either aluminium, glass and wood steel and wood, or UPVC. The double doors are more suited for exterior use as double entry doors or double front doors. The double doors are generally heavy for use hence should not be used for interior house doors.

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Let us briefly examine the application areas of the double door designs.

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Main entrances in homes. These designs are preferred in that they allow easier moving in and out of bulky furniture and other materials. For homes that entertain many guests this design would be the best. The double entry doors or double front doors allow for free entrance and exit.

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Hotels. Sliding double doors are the best designs for such areas. This design allows movement of people in and out and allows for wheeling of baggage trolleys for guests.
French doors. Double doors are mostly used as French doors. They provide an appealing view of the surroundings and offer much light to the room.

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Partitioning. The folding out doors are usually used for partitioning. The double-folding doors are designed in such a way that when one is opened the other door just folds behind the other. They are basically designed for partitioning and allows for flexibility in that one can increase or decrease the room size according to his or her tastes.

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Drawing rooms. These require to be fitted with impressive double door designs for example the wooden doors with the panelling made of stained, plain or etched glass.

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