Portable outdoor bar designs

Portable outdoor bar designs   Portable outdoor bar designs can be as detailed and extravagant as you want – or as simple as can be. But one thing’s for certain. Having your own bar on a backyard deck, patio, porch, or balcony adds something special to any outside living space. It’s an excellent way to get more value and practical use out of your home. Uutdoor bar design   An outdoor ba

Diy outdoor bar designs

How to Design your own Outdoor Bar Having a home, a is an important extension of who you are. The decor and appearance of your house says a lot about you, however, adding additions to your home can get really expensive. DIY outdoor bar designs are a wonderful way to add cool additions to your house without having to pay all of that cost. If you have a backyard you may be wondering what to do with your outside space

Outdoor bar plans and designs

OUTDOOR BAR PLAN AND DESIGN You do not need to live in Brazil or the Caribbean to be able to drink coconut natural water ou sip listen to a tropical music. Right in your home, we make it possible for you to have the best outdoor bar plan and design for your maximum relaxation and chilling. When it comes to open bars, attention has to be paid on the type of materials being used to ensure long lasting and wind and m

Wall mounted shelves lowes

If you have ever arranged a lot of stuff in a room, chances are that you must have run out of space or ended up stacking them. Once in a while organizing and leveraging available space becomes a pain. Thankfully, there are variety ideas at your disposal which you can use to carve out more space and have your stuff better organized. In such instances, wall mounted shelves could perhaps be your best bet to turn thing

Ikea room dividers wall

Do you want to make better use of a large room by adding some privacy and visual interest? A room divider from IKEA may be the perfect solution. While big spaces can be beneficial, places like studio apartments need some kind of furniture to separate the bedroom from the living room, or an office space from the kitchen. However, adding an entire wall can make the space feel cramped and small. Room dividers are an e

Eataly rooftop beer garden

Ever wanted a quiet place with a view? Sure you have! And they are fairly easily to find too. But, what if we told you there is a place that combines peace, quiet, and top-class beer and food. Yes, you heard it right; we’re talking about an eatly rooftop beer garden. And not just any restaurant, but a world-class Italian restaurant, so you’ll have a full experience of a great skyline of New York and world-fam

Wall stickers flowers

When you get a chance to decorate your home with your own creativity, you get the opportunity to escape into the natural beauty far away from the hectic cacophony of the world. Decorate your home with some of the amazing wall stickers flowers. The floral decorations are one of the creative yet amazing ideas to decorate the walls of your bedroom. You get the chance to experience the tranquil, beautiful nature far aw

Patio Door Blinds and Shades – Design ideas in 2016

The ravishing patio doors with blinds are exactly what you need and want! They have the modern and fashionable design and will stay on guard of your privacy. These incredible patio doors are made of reliable and durable wood and amazing mirror glass. The stylish blinds will keep your privacy. This is your chance to make your house gorgeous and unique. There is nothing that will embellish your patio better than t

Sloping garden design plans – new ideas

Do you want your garden to become a masterpiece of the landscape design? Do you want to bedeck your garden in the luxurious Classic Style?  Then the retaining wall made of durable rocks is definitely for you! You will be able to give your sloping garden a smart appearance. This variant of the sloping garden landscape design is not only breath-taking and very beautiful, but is highly utility and durable. The plan

Garden Design Ideas with Hard Landscaping Photos

This variant of hard landscaping looks incredibly effective and sophisticated. The usage of big rocks and chad provides the stunning effect. This is your chance to make your garden design unique. This variant of hard landscaping looks gorgeous and breath-taking. The ground is rock-lined and the small flower bed accentuates the key points of the design. This variant of hard landscaping id made by dint of large ro