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Leather is one of the most widely used materials in sofa’s coverings. It always makes a sofa look rich and representative. Here is a set of a sofa and a coffee table, both covered with leather, look massive and comfortable. Such set will be perfect for a leaving room or a big office. Another advantage of leather is that it is very easily cleaned.
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Big white sofa fits perfectly to a bright interior of a living room, especially a white carpet that it stands on. A sofa is decorated with two pillows with beautiful ornament. This sofa will be a perfect place to sit and watch TV with a family or just to have a rest after a hard day. The set does not have a table; it is good when you don’t have much space in the room.
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Brown sofa and a coffee table look perfect in the interior with wooden floor and dark-yellow walls. The backside of the sofa is made up with cushions and there are three smaller ones at each corner. The table of this set is big enough so that you will be able to put numerous things, it can be installed to the middle of a sofa and become a part of it.


Just a classic variant of a classic middle-sized sofa made up with big soft blocks. Two pairs of decorative pillows are added, one pair is white, and another is black, which creates a nice contrast. It looks harmoniously in the bright living room full of light. Contrasting colors are also brought with a dark wooden table beside the sofa.


An outstanding set of two sofas, coffee table made of glass and a stand lamp. Deep dark color is dominant. Black leather looks really fantastic. Here is the best order, two sofas are standing at an acute angle to each and the table is in the middle, it allows talkers feel not too close to each other and comfortable at the same time.


Here is the biggest set of our collection, approved only for big living rooms. It consists of a large sofa, two armchairs, two poufs and a huge table with leather coverage. Besides, there are numerous pillows of different shapes and color tones. Altogether these elements create a whole area for having a rest, where up to 10 people can find a sit.


Big black sofa with hosiery coverage in a huge light living room takes a central place and is stressed out. Most of decorative cushions are also black, yet there are few white ones to create a contrast. There is also a low coffee table with luster surface. Such combination looks really modern and won’t let anybody say that it is boring.


What is special about this sofa is its color scheme. Each constructional layer has its color; the lover one is made of black leather, a part for sitting is covered with white hosiery and at the end there is a collection of cushions which are brown, red and creamy. Such combination looks unusual and will make your room look special.


This is the variant for those who like minimalism and does not enjoy odd things. It can be described by sharp forms, monotonous color and absence of any decorating pillows, which main function is to collect dust. The main advantage of this sofa is that it can be placed and will look nice in any type of an interior.


This massive sofa is a perfect variant who wants to create an atmosphere close to Victorian style. The whole sofa is made of massive rounded shapes with a wooden framing. Covered with expensive hosiery it is painted in golden tones. Such combination makes this sofa worth staying in some royal castle.


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